Trip Reports

Trip reports are a thing that have more or less helped me rediscover backpacking and discover peak bagging.

For outdoor enthusiasts, wandering into the unknown is a difficult thing to do as the same desire to walk to these places leads us to research them to better be prepared.  That being said, I write these trip reports for myself and my family and friends to show them where I go and hopefully inspire them to come along on my adventures.  If it helps a stranger that’s cool too!

They also help me determine difficulty levels of future trips by comparing statistics to past trips I’ve done.  Keeping track of my mistakes, goals, and successes has also helped me progress from an aspiring beginner to whatever I am now.  Only from learning and pushing myself and setting and tracking my goals can I expect to grow as an outdoorsman, see new places, climb harder and higher mountains, and learn more about the endless facets of the outdoors and everything that goes along with them.

I admittedly have lost motivation to blog about my trips as my peaks started stacking up.  In my 1st round of the 48 this blog was a great way to reflect learnings and help get some friends interested in coming along.

In hindsight, the hours spent blogging has been a great investment and I have an easily accessible list of some of the best times of my life.

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