Gear Reviews

As almost everyone does when they first begin hiking or backpacking, I became irrationally obsessed with my gear, hyper-analyzing every thread of it and writing gear reviews.  Yeah, gear is kinda fun but in the end its not what you buy but what you do with it.  You will break or lose some of it anyways so don’t fall in love with it.

In my gear, I value light weight, excellent quality, and versatility.  In time you will find that a solid warranty plus a combination of the 3 previous qualities are what counts in the long run.

For all my trips I give examples of things I did wrong and right.  Often times the gear contributes to each of these and often I just bring too much gear and beer and not enough food.

Truth be told, nothing challenging can be done in the outdoors without some reliable gear.  Staying warm, dry, and getting at least a half decent night of sleep are all critical objectives in ensuring a successful endeavor but it doesn’t always need to be top of the line stuff.

Try to enjoy your experience outdoors without the bullshit consumerist mindset that will be pushed on you from Day 1.  Be frugal, be smart and always invest in safety gear like traction and helmets.


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