2013 Year in Review…

Man what a year.  2013 Highlights in no particular order:

– Easily the greatest powder year of my life.  Hitting multiple 12″+ storms gave me a record number of incredible runs this year.  Also in the 16 days ridden I rode 9 or 10 different mountains with very few days that weren’t outstanding.  A NYE 2012 storm kicked it off at Sunday River, an epic Nemo 18″ day highlighted it and a Colorado trip in March sealed off the season strongly.  I also explored hiking my snowboard to local “backcountry” glades runs during some big local snows for a quick fix.

– Backpacking took a step in a cold direction with two awesome back to back bluebird weekend overnights in the 15 degree range on Moosilauke and the Wildcats.  I tacked on another 16  peaks which ties 2012 but I explored new areas of NH, the Whites and Maine.  I hiked more in Southern NH and even a bit in Cali and Colorado.  Also got away from backpacking a little more than I wanted and need to redo some 4ooo footers I only day hiked.  Made some good progress on my NH Appalachian Trail sections.

Wildcat Ridge Trail

Tons of views along the trail

– Exploring the NH Seacoast area took up most of my summer.  I didn’t get to know the trails, rivers, bays and beaches until a little late in the year when I moved here so I have a long way to go on this.  Really exciting to have a new local area to explore.

– Biking was a pretty big part of most of my year.  Now on my second year of riding, I’m definitely getting better.  A trip to Highland Mountain Bike park was a huge learning experience and a glimpse at a new form of riding.  I hunted and slayed lots of killer singletrack but I think I got most of my mileage by the shore this year on roads and on the beaches.

– As a total beginner, I had a record year of freshwater fishing which isn’t saying much.  This was my experimental and research year and I’m super stoked and ready for 2014.  Also picked up a canoe late in the year and had some fun exploring local MA lakes and ponds.

– Learned how to SUP at North Beach in Hampton.  Definitely a new and excellent way to experience a beach or coastline.

– Progressed my golfing and birding quite a bit.

Didn’t accomplish all of my goals but I am pleased with the ones that I did.  I also got to bring some friends along hiking camping and fishing and got them excited to do it again.



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