Review: REI Flash 18L Pack…


Very Versatile Pack…

I bought this for a Montana snowboarding trip after I realized my beloved REI Traverse 30L was just too bulky for riding on chairlifts and too heavy when full. I really just needed something for water, snacks, a scarf or facemask if it got warm, and other small things.  XC skiing in Glacier National Park it was PERFECT, nice and lightweight. Snowboarding at Whitefish Mountain, I strapped my helmet to it at the bar at the end of the day and threw my goggles and gloves in it.  I get antsy about losing my gear so this is my new BFF on the slopes.

Honestly most of the time I forgot it was even on my back which is perfect when you are riding or skiing.  Plus it has a built in chest strap whistle that is loud as all hell in case of a backcountry emergency.

When my trip ended, I turned this inside out and packed all my dirty clothes into this and put it in my suitcase, segregating it from my clean clothes. The stuff sack dual-functionality make this a genius little bag and the price is nice at around $30.

5 stars already and I haven’t even used it for hiking yet!  This is also hydration compatible (probably could handle 1-2L) and has two small interior mesh pockets.  Will likely use it for a reserve pack for friends when day hiking or a beach bag for sure.  Recently been using this as a gym bag for my keys and jump rope.

Hellroaring Peak, Whitefish Montana

Hellroaring Peak, Whitefish Montana

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