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The 4000 Footer Club… An Introduction…

Recently I discovered something called “The 4000 Footer Club” after perusing some hiking and backpacking websites.  If you’re neither from New England nor an outdoor enthusiast, this is a group of people who have hiked all  48 New Hampshire peaks  over 4000 feet above sea level. 

Thankfully, this discovery has inspired me to get back outdoor after living the city/college life for the last decade.   Thinking I needed some kind of physical goal since I can’t run road races for shit, I decided to take a run at my first 4k and I’m now determined to crush this list in 2011. 

Among other things fun, this blog will hopefully encourage others to bag some peaks of their own as well as document progression and highlight some of the gorgeous vistas along the way.  If you’ve experienced these peaks yourself, I would love to hear any comments, suggestions, and stories.  See you on the trail!

4000 footer club

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